TKTX gold


The TKTX creams are available in different strengths. With 38% more numbing - more numbing - the TKTX-Gold is a milder form of the pain-relieving TKTX portfolio. Like all TKTX products, it is suitable for making skin areas insensitive, for example before tattoos, piercings or waxing.

All TKTX creams contain lidocaine and prilocaine as anesthetics. These substances are also contained in many medical preparations. They penetrate through the skin layer and block the nerve cells for a few hours so that they do not transmit any pain impulses.

TKTX has been on the market for many years. It is easy to use, reliable and generally well tolerated.

TKTX Creme Gold – how to use?

Apply the TKTX Cream Gold one to two millimeters thick to the – shaved and cleaned – skin. The cream is not massaged in, the skin area must be completely covered. Lidocaine does not spread on the surface, you can immediately feel the tattoo needle in free areas.

Apply cream a little more generously if the motif needs to be adjusted. For large tattoos on legs, arms or back you have to calculate two tubes of cream. Wrap the creamed body part airtight with cling film and let TKTX Gold work for a maximum of ninety minutes. The active ingredients are optimally absorbed under the film. The skin is numbed for two to four hours.

Buy TKTX Creme Gold – for which tattoos?

The TKTX Cream Gold is suitable for smaller tattoos in areas that are not too sensitive. These are, for example, the upper arm, the forearm or the upper back. In general, parts of the body with a lot of muscles are less sensitive than bony structures such as the breastbone or collarbone. An exception is the face, which is generally very sensitive to pain, as well as hands and feet. For example, if you are planning a lettering in the middle of the upper arm, the strength of the cream gold is completely sufficient. Even if you're a newbie or very scared of needles.

The cream gold helps you to get a cool tattoo without pain. Only the sensation of pain is blocked. You continue to perceive pressure, touch, warmth or cold.